Twitter Offers Deal Alerts Through @Earlybird

July 7th, 2010 at 10:55 am

It has been some time since Twitter has delved on building a revenue stream for its wildly popular micro-blogging site. It aimed to do so without having to place ads on its home page and other pages for that matter. They have since tried to develop alternative means of generating revenue. One of their newest is with @earlybird.

Twitter has put up a Twitter account that it calls @earlybird. It is being planned to be a means for its advertising partners to promote deals, events, and sneak peaks. @earlybird will become the venue where time-bound special deals and other related information can be promoted by Twitter’s advertising partners. With many businesses already making Twitter a venue to promote special deals, it just made it more convenient for advertisers by providing a single venue to promote their deals on Twitter.

Although it might just be a minor service offering, Twitter may aim to generate some revenue through this. Contract terms for the said service seem flexible according to Twitter since it may be up to the advertisers to determine the offer terms. The tweets on @earlybird would not be considered spam as it will only be received by people who follow the said account or if someone on their network who follows @earlybird re-tweeted any of the special deals being promoted. This new service may offer a good revenue stream for Twitter without having to divert from their aim of avoiding putting up ads on their site. But whether it will be something that will catch on with the whole Twitter community may be another matter.


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