Apple To Address iPhone 4 Issues Friday, Possibly

July 15th, 2010 at 10:36 am

There are reports saying that Apple may be holding a press conference this Friday. It will be attended by selected invited guests from the press. Although no word on what the press conference would be tackling, it is reported that it may involve the new Apple iPhone 4. Finally, Apple may be addressing an issue on the iPhone 4 that has gone too long without being resolved effectively.

The said serious issue about the new Apple iPhone 4 revolves around the signal problem that many of its users seem to experience when handling the new phone in a certain way. It seems that the new iPhone 4 suffers from considerable signal loss if its antenna band that goes around the unit is handled in a certain way. Although it may not be that big a thing since not all of the iPhone 4 users seem to go through the same experience with their own units, the way that Apple is handling the problem has caused many consumers to become disgruntled.

Apple may not have expected that this issue would go so far as it recently has. It became only serious for Apple when even Consumer Reports somehow confirmed that the iPhone 4 does have signal problems and can’t recommend it to consumers. Apple, on their part, somehow refused to acknowledge the issue and remained silent for sometime. Their own suggested remedies- from trying to hold the iPhone 4 a different way to buying a protective case for the unit- simply didn’t sit well with a lot of people. It eventually led to what may now be considered as a PR problem for the popular company known for innovation and coming up with products that tend to become popular.

Although what Apple may be sharing with the invited media people on its upcoming press conference on Friday is still not quite known, surely it may have quite an impact on the ongoing issue regarding the iPhone 4. If Apple still refuses to acknowledge the problem and make amends in ways that will sit comfortably with a majority of users, then it should be ready to head onto rougher days ahead. But things might go the opposite way if it does tell the press that there exists such a problem with the iPhone 4 and provide some good consolation for the bad experiences that the new iPhone 4 users may have gone through. It will all depend on how Apple will look at it from its own point of view.


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