Opening Up Google Search

July 16th, 2010 at 9:30 am

Google has become the giant that it is now primarily because of online search. Google was one of the online search pioneers that happen to get the right process to provide search results for the rapidly growing World Wide Web. The search results that Google provided were just what the people wanted and looked for in order to make their online visits more convenient. And from there, Google’s popularity surged and the company grew to the behemoth that it is today.

But as companies grow and develop, their influence and reach also expands. Google has since gone from online search to other ventures that are quire a departure from online search. They have been known as champions of open source and paved the way for a open platform in the Android OS for mobile phones and the Chrome OS for PC’s. But when it comes to sharing their own online search algorithms or secrets, Google seemed to quite have a different point of view.

As Google and their various ventures develop further, many industry people and experts have become quite concerned of the growing influence that Google is getting. In terms of online search, many people believe that it can be used to further their other business ventures to the point of even holding an unfair advantage over their competitors. That is why a growing number of people are clamoring for Google to share its online search algorithms to determine whether Google really does use its search engine fairly enough, even with its competitors.

This issue can be quite complicated that one may first think. For Google to provide its online search algorithms and making it open source may be likened to a chef sharing a popular “secret” recipe for all the world to see. Online search is currently Google’s biggest revenue generator. Giving up their online search secrets may just diminish the advantage that they have over other search engines. But then again, people see Google as a company getting so big that many begin to think that it may have undue advantage over competitors in whatever venture it gets into. It may be a similar situation to what Microsoft has been into with the issue of building a so-called monopoly on the OS and Web browser market.

But that may just be the underlying reason behind all these. Giants are the ones that are usually easily seen due to their size. Both Microsoft and Google are considered as giants in the tech industry. Aside from the great influence they hold, they can also become quite easy targets for scorn and disdain for almost everything they do wrong. And with people trying to make Google give out its search algorithms may be going along the same lines.


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