Apple Finally Addresses Issue With iPhone 4

July 19th, 2010 at 10:43 am

In what may have taken a long time for Apple to admit it, but CEO Steve Jobs finally did on its recent press conference with invited media last Friday. The signal problem issue has continuously grown over the past several weeks, mainly because Apple did not seem to put a valid reason when consumers really have wanted one. The several weeks of silence on the issue make it bigger than it really would have been.

Steve Jobs acknowledged that the iPhone 4 really did have a signal problem related to its exterior antenna that surrounds the edges of the phone. It took the company this long to acknowledge it when the issue wouldn’t have grown this serious if only they acted promptly. But this acknowledgment did not somehow come without a bit of controversy.

During last Friday’s press conference held at the Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Jobs stated that they are not perfect and and so are the phones that they come up with. There is bound to be some problems and issues with new products here and there. But the statement that probably may not sit well with the other smart phone manufacturers is that Jobs declared that all smart phones go through the same antenna and signal issues one way or another. By saying so, it seems that Apple may be trying to downplay the issue by saying that other smart phone have the same problem. This has led to some smart phone manufacturers to issue their own statements regarding the matter.

But ultimately, Jobs provided a consolation for current iPhone 4 owners by offering a free antenna bumper case for the iPhone 4 to reduce the signal issues due to contact with the antenna. It is the same solution that many others have suggested but took Apple several weeks to act upon. The free bumper case will be given free for those who buys the iPhone 4 until September. Those who may already have bought the same accessory will be issued refunds. And if that still doesn’t work, there is also the 30-day full refund for the iPhone 4 available. It’s a good thing that Apple finally acted upon the issue despite taking them several weeks to do so. The main fact that they have addressed and acknowledged it will do a great deal of good in trying to resolve the so-called “Antennagate” that had become a PR nightmare for the iPhone 4 maker.


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