Apple Earns Record Third Quarter Revenue

July 21st, 2010 at 10:30 am

And to think that Apple has gone through some tough times lately. It seems incredible that the popular company behind the iPad and the iPhone still manages to come up with its largest quarterly revenue numbers to date despite the recent setbacks and controversies. It just goes to show that when you know how to sell your product, then you’re in for some big success.

Apple has recently reported this Tuesday that it has earned record setting revenues for the fiscal third quarter of 2010. The company posted a record revenue amounting to US$15.7 billion with a net quarter profit of a whopping US$3.2 billion. The numbers represented an amazing 88 percent increase from revenue numbers posted over the same quarter last year.

The record setting numbers can be credited to the amazing reception so far to the new Apple iPad and the company’s recent launch of the iPhone 4. Both product launches successfully received quite a warm reception in the consumer market. The iPhone 4, despite the issues regarding its antenna and signal problems, still enjoyed the most successful launch for any Apple product so far. Even Macs enjoyed a substantial increase in sales despite concerns that the sale of the iPad may somehow affect its sales. So far, the sales of Macs are up 33 percent compared to sales over the same quarter a year ago.

This great news may somehow help Apple get over its recent debacle over the antenna issues with the iPhone 4. It may be a good lead up for Apple to finally move on and focus on more positive things. Expectations are high since the company has reported of launching a number of new products this year.


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