Kindle 3G Out Of Stock?

July 28th, 2010 at 11:25 am

There are some type of news that some may find quite surprising at times. The Apple iPad or the iPhone 4 going out of stock may be something more believable. But there is one similar instance which might just be quite hard to believe. Amazon’s Kindle 3G seems to be out of stock at Amazon.

Now this might really come as a surprise to many considering that most of the buzz today have been going around the Apple iPhone 4 as well as the iPad. Who would have thought that as silent as the Amazon Kindle has been in recent months that it may have sold quite a number of units for it to get temporarily out of stock. Does that mean that the Kindle 3G may have sold out in the market due to high demand?

But before anyone gets into any conclusions, Amazon has not announced anything yet regarding the new Kindle being out of stock. It can stem from a variety of reasons. It may be that Amazon may be preparing itself for the launch of the newer Kindle Slim that may be coming out sometime in August. But it might just be too early to get the older model out of the market just yet.

Then there is the reason that the demand for the Kindle surprisingly increased during the summer that production for the device can’t cope up. This might prove beneficial to Amazon since it means that people may still have an increasing interest on the Kindle despite the recent launch of the highly popular Apple iPad. But then on the other hand, Amazon just reported a disappointing earnings report for the recent quarter so there might be something else to this.

The recent situation of the out of stock Kindle is puzzling since Amazon has been providing reasons when products like the Kindle go out of stock. In this case, no reason has yet been provided, leaving some people in the dark. It leaves only the people at Amazon to shed light on this.


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