YouTube Increasing Video Upload Duration to 15 Minutes

July 30th, 2010 at 9:17 am

Sharing online videos have become quite popular nowadays. YouTube has been at the forefront of all this. It popularized somewhat a new way for people to share and interact using video content. And online users just can’t get enough of trying to upload longer videos. And because of this, YouTube has recently provided an improvement.

YouTube has recently announced on its blog that it is increasing its upload limit up to 15 minutes from the previous limit of 10 minutes. Now that would give YouTube users to finally create their own 15 minutes of fame on the site, literally. This might be a welcome improvement indeed for the users who has made a habit of uploading and sharing their videos online.

The reason for the said increase in video upload time limit has been due to YouTube’s improvement of their system in order to protect copyright holders who own uploaded videos. The powerful tools in place in its infrastructure has allowed YouTube to provide increasing the limits to an additional 5 minutes for the sake of online users. It is also a way to address the request from many YouTube users for increased upload times. After all, the increase in uploads on YouTube has been amazingly going up. YouTube has even announced last March that it has reached a point of having 24 hours worth of video being uploaded every minute.

When it first started, YouTube actually did not set limits to how long users can upload videos on the site. But then with movies and shows are being uploaded on the site at their full length, many copyright holders have complained and so the upload duration limit was set. But then again, there was no stopping people to continue uploading and sharing their favorite video content online. This recent bit of news is something that many YouTube users would truly welcome.


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