New Study Says Antenna Problem Unique To iPhone 4

August 2nd, 2010 at 11:50 am

Apple has recently gone through certain hitches with the launch of its new iPhone 4. There were complaints regarding the new smart phone having problems regarding its signal when handled a certain way. Apple at first tried to downplay the issue by not commenting on it at all. But the issue just became bigger and bigger that staying silent no longer became an option.

And as most people may have already heard, Apple has finally addressed the issue with CEO Steve Jobs giving a press conference highlighting the problem and the reasons. Although Apple has offered its solution by providing bumper cases for the iPhone 4 for free, the said reasons that was cited in the press conference included a remark that all smart phones have signal problems with their antennas one way or another. This somehow irked other smart phone makers that they were also brought into the mess. But a recent study showed that the makers to have a reason to be irked.

While Apple and Jobs remarked that all smart phones go through the same signal problems albeit at different levels, a new study showed that the iPhone 4’s signal problems are pretty much uniquely its own. UK-based firm PA Consulting Group conducted their own study regarding the signal problems among smart phones. The tests it made does indicate that Apple’s iPhone 4 signal problems caused by the now famous “death grip” seems to be unique to this popular smart phone. And it is not mainly attributed to the signal problems caused by weak signals from the telecoms carrier AT&T that sells the iPhone 4.

The said tests try to put the iPhone 4 and other smart phones to similar scenarios and found that the signal problem on the iPhone 4 was significantly worse as compared to its competitors. The test showed that the iPhone 4’s radio performance was already poor and is more likely to drop calls earlier than other phones. The firm did also find out that placing a rubber band around the antenna also significantly improved its performance. This might show that the problems may actually be unique to the iPhone 4 and does not necessarily affect other smart phones in the same way. Apple may have somehow came into this same study since it has been known that videos regarding the antenna issues has recently been taken off the Apple website. It may just be coincidence or many other reasons. Will it be another move by Apple to avoid further PR nightmares? Well, only time will tell once again in this case.


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