Mobile Video Revenues Show Promising Future

August 4th, 2010 at 10:30 am

It seems that today’s technology is increasingly going the mobile way. The fact that more and more people are getting mobile phones and smart phones nowadays, it is just quite obvious enough that the next big thing in technology may come out from the mobile industry or something similar. Businesses then tend to profit from trying to discover and ride on to the next big thing that may just be coming out.

One such proof of increasing popularity of everything mobile may be seen through how mobile videos have grown in scope in such a short period of time. About a couple of years ago or so, not a lot of people even bother considering mobile video to be something that will catch on this fast. But then WiFi capable smart phones with larger touchscreen displays have become the recent popular norm. This has created a new way for mobile video to thrive further.

According to business information service provider eMarketer, mobile video eyes a promising future where the market in the US is set to double up in its present size by 2013. It estimates that revenues coming by way of mobile video may reach around US$548 million by the end of 2010. This is further estimated to reach an impressive US$1.3 billion by 2014.

Mobile video viewers today include those people who watch digital video content on mobile phones. This might be via the phone’s own mobile browser or by subscription, downloads or applications. In 2009, the number of mobile video viewers stood at 18.4 million people. It is expected to increase up to 23.9 million by 2010. By 2014, eMarketer estimates that this number will more than double to 56.7 million people by 2014.

There seems to be an impressively potential growth area in the mobile video field and business in the coming years. Considering that the current number of mobile video viewers in the US represents only 10 percent of mobile phone users, there are still quite a number who might get into the same habit as technology behind mobile phones further improve the mobile video experience for more and more users.


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