Google Wave Waves Goodbye

August 6th, 2010 at 11:21 am

Google has recently reported that it is about to cease further developments on its newly launched Google Wave. When it first came out, Google Wave was expected with much fanfare partly of Google’s own expectations and excitement. Google Wave is an online collaboration tool that lets people communicate in real time with the use of various forms of online communication. The premise does seem to have quite an interesting prospect to it.

Google Wave was initially considered by the company to be an innovation set to replace conventional e-mail since it offers various means of online communication which includes instant messaging, mobile as well as through emails. It was set to further make online communication and collaboration reach real-time speeds. But then something might have come up that made it fail to capture the people’s attention.

Google said on its blog that Google Wave garnered only a few users than it has expected. User adoption was relatively slower than what they have previously expected. And because of this, Google has decided to stop further developments on the project and head on to new things. But Google still would be maintaining the website until the end of the year. They won’t be entirely dumping the tools developed under Google Wave but will be integrating them into other innovative products and experiments that the company is currently doing.

One probable reason why Google Wave failed as a stand alone tool is that it seems to lack a specific use. Of course, people can use it to communicate with friends in real time. But what and how exactly are they going about it using Google Wave is somewhat muddled. Most people don’t just seem to get how it may be of good use to them. There might also be confusion how people might want to use them. Probably a lack of a specific objective may have caused it to fail. Or maybe, it is an innovative idea whose time has not yet come. All these may be up for debate of course. Whatever the reason is, the Google Wave might still reappear somewhere when the right time comes.


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