Microsoft Mobile Phone Prototype?

August 9th, 2010 at 11:49 am

Microsoft may still be in search of other lucrative markets besides it software and OS division. But as of recent times, it has not really achieved the success that it may have expected. Recent launches from Microsoft did not really catch on within the consumer market. One thing in mind was the Microsoft Kin smart phone.

The software giant pulled the plug on its first entry into the market and the so-called social smart phone just two months after hitting the market. But does this recent failure to capture the smart phone market drive Microsoft away completely? Probably not.

There are certain reports going around that Microsoft may probably be working on a new mobile phone project. Although people are not entirely sure whether it will turn out into a new product, Microsoft Research recently showed off what may look like a mobile phone that comes with the codename “Menlo”.

According to the said project’s research paper, the mobile phone codenamed “Menlo is a prototype mobile device with a capacitive touch screen (4.1″ diagonal, 800×480) running Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 which incorporates a Bosch BMA150 3-axis accelerometer and Bosch BMP085 digital pressure sensor (barometer).” The said device is actually a “study hardware”used in their research to test out certain applications. One of those applications mentioned in the research paper is “Greenfield”, an application used to explore activity-based navigation. One of the activities of which this app is used for is in situations in trying to locate a parked car in a parking lot. An image of the “Menlo” mobile device was also provided which is also seen above.

Although it might be too early to say whether Microsoft may be working on a successor to the failed Kin social phone, it shows that Microsoft may not be entirely abandoning the idea. The company may just be trying to develop new applications for smart phones, but the same thing can be done using current smart phone in the market. The need for better features may also be the reason behind Microsoft developing its study hardware. But whatever Microsoft has in mind for the future, it certainly shows that it recognizes the mobile phone industry as too valuable an opportunity to just let go of despite their recent failure over Kin.


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