Google TV Ads Strikes Partnership With DirecTV

August 12th, 2010 at 10:51 am

It seems that Google is really trying to spread out its reach. Trying to seamlessly integrate the Web with other industries may seem to be a better way of putting it. And in this current case, the aim is to try to put the Web and TV together. Google is doing so by forging partnerships with the likes of DirecTV along with its own Google TV Ads.

Google TV Ads has recently announced on its blog that it is partnering up with DirecTV to bring Google Ads into the different television networks that comprises the varied selection of the satellite television provider.

Channels in the DirecTV selection include Bloomberg Television, Fox Business, TV Guide, Fit TV, Ovation, Centric, Chiller and many more. Google TV Ads may now be displayed on these channels. This means that Google advertisers may now have a potentially larger audience to reach now that DirecTV has a strategic partnership with Google TV Ads. This, combined with Google’s existing partnership with DISH network as well as with 98 other cable networks, may continue to make Google’s push to integrate the Web with TV even more possible.

All these may not matter to many consumers right now since Google TV itself has not yet been launched. But the steps to make it a success is what Google is slowly trying to take. Making partnerships with satellite and cable networks would make it more feasible revenue-wise since it would also attract advertisers to try out this innovative way to get some valuable advertising space. There’s no set date yet when Google TV might be launched. But many expect it to come in about a couple of years, or even earlier.


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