Google Defends Its Net Neutrality Proposal

August 13th, 2010 at 8:53 am

The Google Verizon deal over Net Neutrality seems to be big news recently. There have been different views and opinions here and there regarding the matter. On one side, some people are saying that the deal will actually lead to the Net becoming a closed system of some sort. This was fueled by reports that the deal may have consisted of talks regarding Web content traffic and distribution over broadband networks.

The concerns usually go around on talks that Google may be striking up a deal with Verizon for premium treatment of its Web traffic on the network. The recent issues had Google trying to deny the reports that have been coming out. With issues that Google may be selling itself out over the concept of Net Neutrality and an open Internet, the online search giant has sent out the facts on its own blog to defend itself.

The contents of its blog has Google separating the myths over the facts. It maintained its stand over how it is defending Net Neutrality as it has been one of its staunch supporters. It has, in fact, also stated some of the benefits of the joint proposal over Net Neutrality. But it also states that certain levels of compromise with network carriers must be made to make the proposal work, especially over the wireless network.

There are other points that Google tries to defend itself on the blog regarding the Verizon-Google deal to clear up the facts. But then, the perception for now on most people still remains a bit clouded and more issues regarding this deal, both true or not, may still come out on the coming weeks. Whether Google may be able to mount an effective defense over them would depend on how the consumers would be able to understand the said deal.


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