Apple iAd Service Forging Slower Than Expected

August 16th, 2010 at 11:06 am

With the Apple iPhone 4 sales still booming despite recent issues, you would think that Apple would try to fast track its Apple iAds mobile advertising service. But it seems that, even the Apple iAds is going through a tough phase despite already having ad partners willing to try the service out after it was launched. The process to provide mobile ads to present seems to be getting quite an issue among advertisers.

The reason why the Apple iAd seems to be experiencing delays and such is because a lot of the advertisers have not yet gone far with creating their mobile ad campaigns. And since this might be a new advertising territory for them, most of the companies might still be trying to learn the ropes of the new system. But there are also other concerns that some companies may have- Apple’s tight control over the creative process.

It seems that some advertisers find it a bit difficult creating their ad campaigns over iAds for the very reason that Apple seems to have tight controls over how these ads may come out. This is something that most advertisers are not that used to when it comes to ad-making. The result is a longer to develop and create the ads, from brainstorming to completion. Having Apple as part of the creative mix did not really hold well for most companies. This has lead to several delays that has seen only a couple of companies ready with their iAd campaigns to date out of the 17 that Apple has named during the iAd launch last July 1.

The mobile ad market surely has a bright future ahead with more and more people using mobile phones nowadays. With Apple iAds, the opportunity is even brighter with millions and millions of Apple iPhone users worldwide becoming the captured audience for the ads. But then, the delays and the slow process may just discourage and hamper many companies from using the service to its full advantage. Apple on its part may need to explore the option of trying to improve the ad-making process for campaigns in order to keep advertisers interested.


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