Apple Plans to Offer 99-Cent TV Show Rentals

August 25th, 2010 at 11:06 am

This may be the next big thing in media if ever it pushes through. Apple is said to be in advanced talks with a media outfit to offer TV shows for rent on the Apple iTunes Store. And with the planned rentals for TV shows pegged at 99 cents, it may just catch on well with consumers, just like what iTunes did at some point with helping revolutionize the music industry.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is now in advanced talks with News Corp. to allow its various TV shows available for rent at the iTunes Store. The so-called TV show rentals will be for 99 cents per show for a 48 hour period. Apple is also said to be in similar discussions with other media companies in possibly joining in on the effort.

From a business perspective, this might be an interesting opportunity for Apple to further enhance its already successful and popular iTunes Store with TV shows aside from songs and iPhone apps. Once it catches on, this might also lead to a possible increase in sales for its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices with the TV show rental option on iTunes.

For media companies, the inclusion of their TV shows on the iTunes Store would provide some additional revenue stream for them. They might want to discuss possible advertising deals as well with Apple on this for some added revenue opportunity. But with the TV show rentals being planned commercial-free, they might try to think up of some other alternative along the lines to also attract more advertisers to come to them. After all, reaching out to millions and millions of iPhone and iPad users worldwide is something that hasn’t yet been explored by these media companies. This deal may just give them the opportunity to do so.

Apple is slowly trying to build itself up to be a media behemoth, in case this new deal pushes through. It is also reportedly on its way of introducing the new Apple TV any time now. The 99-cent TV show rental option might be a feature that would attract the interest of more potential customers for its new baby. Apple really knows how to work the market well.


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