Google Gmail Voice Takes 1 Million Calls On Its First Day

August 27th, 2010 at 8:10 am

It seems that Google may have something big on their hands now. Just the other day, Google has provided a call feature on Gmail that allows account members to call friends and family. This time it is not a PC to PC kind of thing. The new Gmail Voice actually allows its users to contact people from their Gmail account and to a friend’s mobile phone.

It may not be an entirely new concept but Google may have found something that may have finally caught on with the public. In just one day, Google announced (or rather, tweeted) that about 1million people have made Gmail calls so far. Now, that is a lot of calls which may have been brought about by pure curiosity among Gmail users or it may in fact be something that people will get used to doing in the years to come.

Google has done a lot lately in terms of introducing innovative products into the market. It’s unfortunate that its Google Wave have to close shop probably due to lack of users. Its Android OS for mobile phones is slowly getting (and mobile phone manufacturers) people to consider them but may still not yet quite Apple iPhone proportions in terms of popularity.

In the case of the new Gmail call feature, people have the interest enough to try it out, about 1 million worth of calls on the first day. Currently it provides free calls to mobile phones in the US and Canada, with very low fees calling into some other countries. The reception for the Gmail call feature may be considered as a success. If there are no glitches along the way, who knows when it might just become a more popular alternative for people to use while calling on their friend’s mobile phone.


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