Google Slowly Developing Online Social Presence

August 31st, 2010 at 11:19 am

Online search giant may be slowly developing into something different. It is slowly entering into the social realm online instead of just focusing on its online search business. After all, giants like Google can only grow further by branching out into other markets and interests.

The market that Google may likely concentrate on next would involve the ever growing social online world. With social networks like Facebook reaping the rewards and highlighting the massive opportunities offered by the social online world, Google may next be establishing its own online presence. It is not the first time that Google may actually be doing this.

Google has long been trying to develop its own online social presence in-house but to no avail. They were not quite successful in this regard and may have decided to look for established companies outside with such capabilities. This may be the reason why Google has recently been on an acquisition binge for companies known for social network related businesses.

Google has recently acquired Jambool, a virtual currency software company and Slide, a social media company that has developed the earliest breakout hits on Facebook. And the very recent Google acquisition reported is that of SocialDeck, a known mobile games developer.

It seems that Google is keen on building up its portfolio of social media related companies and may be on the verge of building its own social network. How it will take up some shares from the current leader Facebook still remains to be seen. But by showing activities that may lead to Google may finally be entering into the online social realm may be something worth watching out for.


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