Tech Giants Gear For Battle For Control Over Home Entertainment

September 1st, 2010 at 10:34 am

It seems that the giants of tech are bracing themselves for control over something that many people may consider as their passion. The tech giants are trying to come up with a successful way to finally wrest control over home entertainment, most notably the common television. Many tech companies are now trying to develop their own means of offering something for the TV crowd in an attempt to innovate an already aging system that many experts say may now be in for some drastic changes.

TV has long been one of today’s foremost means of entertainment. TV shows become the primary means of entertainment even for many of today’s more advanced and gadget savvy crowd. Even tech companies see the importance of TV and looks into it as a potential market. And it seems that these tech giants are trying to get into the picture by offering their own innovative take on what the TV of the future will be.

Apple has announced that it would be coming up with its own Apple TV that will be launched with Netflix in the coming weeks. Online search giant Google also has plans of launching its own Google TV set to be launched in the Fall of this year. Even Amazon is planning to offer a similar subscription service involving TV show and movie streams using set top boxes that is playable on TV sets.

As the time when the Web merges with television, the tech giants are making sure that they are ready for it once that day comes. Its integration as the new form of home entertainment in terms of audience acceptance may not yet be as clear cut for now. No one can really tell if households would eventually accept having the Web and TV all coming from a single device. But for whatever reason there may be, one thing is certain- the tech giants are in it to battle for control over entertainment in the living room.


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