Yahoo Set To Improve Email Service

September 13th, 2010 at 10:46 am

Yahoo has many unfortunate experiences recently. Aside from handing the reins of its popular search engine for Microsoft to operate, it has also been experiencing a dip in its Yahoo Mail users. Yahoo is addressing this concern by seeking to improve its mail service.

Yahoo is set to improve its popular Web-based email service by trying to make it faster, sleeker design and better integration with social networking sites. It also aims to make Yahoo Mail look in line with its mobile versions for the Apple iPad as well as other Android gadgets.

Yahoo still remains as the top Web-based email service in the US. But it has recently experienced a substantial drop in terms of users in recent years. According to figures, Yahoo Mail has seen a drop in US users from 107 million in August of last year to 97 million in August of this year. Worldwide, Yahoo Mail experienced a drop of 7 percent drop in users year to year while other similar services such as Hotmail and Gmail experienced relative increases in the number of users.

And with the added threat of social networking sites such as Facebook with their ability to sidestep email services on the Web by offering direct member to member communication, Yahoo certainly has seen that it needs to improve in order to stay relevant in the online world and prevent further erosion of its users.


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