Twitter Redesigned

September 15th, 2010 at 11:18 am

Twitter has become quite a popular online tool used by millions of people daily. It has become quite popular that the site suffers from overcapacity now and then due to too many users tweeting all at once. Twitter is continuing to address this issue and has even unveiled a redesign of the site for the convenience of its millions of users. Twitter has recently announced that it has done some redesigns on the site. It now comes with a redesigned home page that, according to Twitter, will give its users a better, easier and faster micro-blogging experience. It comes with a new look as well as some added features that many users will welcome. After all, the suggestions may have been taken from feedback from its many users and Twitter has listened and put them to heart. One of the main redesigns that Twitter made on the site is providing a second viewing pane for users that not only provides added information but also allows users to view photos and video content right on the same page and not from a new browser window, as what have been the case before. The new redesign also allows users to have unlimited scrolling of the tweet stream. The new Twitter redesign would first only be available for a subset of users. It will be rolled out little by little over time until all users finally may avail of them all over the world. How long this will take is something that Twitter is not sure of for now. But surely, the redesign may have its own critics once the new Twitter gets fully underway. But maybe it is also something that Twitter welcomes to further tweak the site here and there.


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