Google Forging Slowly Towards Social Networking Path

September 20th, 2010 at 10:34 am

Google has been a company that’s been always trying something new. The online search giant is one of those tech companies known to leave its own mark in almost everything tech. It is no wonder, therefore that they are also trying to break into the social networking sphere online.

It is no longer a secret in tech circles that Google has been making plans in entering the social networking field this time. One of the more evident reasons would be their acquisitions of companies associated with social networking. Just last month, Google has bought Slide, a company known for making social games and apps for $182 million. Not only that, Google has also secretly invested in Zynga, the company that developed Farmville and Mafia Wars, known for being very popular social games on Facebook.

Aside from the acquisitions and investments, Google has also been recently experimenting on developing their own social networking infrastructure. Unfortunately, their initial entry into anything related to social networking hasn’t been welcomed well as the company expected. Their Google Wave and Google Buzz did not generate as much interest as they would have hoped. This led to Google pulling the plug on Google Wave but still plans to make use of the tool in other ways.

Despite the setbacks, Google is not set to entirely drop their social networking project. The company still has the aim to try and challenge the giants of social networking like Facebook, the same way it challenged Microsoft in the browser wars by coming up with the Google Chrome. But this time, Google might be forging a path a bit slowly and carefully. They are no longer as keen of making an immediate impact on the social networking scene. Instead, they are now trying to integrate social networking features into several of their products in order to somehow build credibility on their part. Google may be doing it slowly this time.


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