Facebook Phone In The Works?

September 22nd, 2010 at 10:19 am

|There has recently been stories and reports over the Web about Facebook planning to make its own mobile phone or a similar device. It seems quite an odd bit of partnership for a popular social networking site to suddenly have plans to come up with its own mobile phone. Google did it with the Nexus One but somehow was met with low demand and was discontinued just this year.

But will Facebook try to face the same risk as Google did by experimenting on making its own mobile phone? It seems that the report may not be entirely correct since the popular social networking site denied that they are doing so. After hearing the news, Facebook denied the speculations, saying that they are not secretly trying to build a so-called “Facebook Phone”, as it is now being dubbed as. But then, some people are trying to further look into this issue instead of letting it fade away.

The news of a Facebook Phone may have caught up the imaginations of some people. And it may also have caught the interest of Facebook somehow that it might not be an entirely wild idea. First of all, more and more people are increasingly using their mobile phones to connect online. The mobile phone might just someday replace the PC as the main online springboard for most people. In order to take advantage of this shift, it may actually be a good idea for Facebook to have its own mobile phone in the market that would also maybe make connecting to their social networking site more convenient.

Not only that, by having its own mobile phone, Facebook might also gain entry to a potentially lucrative mobile ad market. Since online advertising still remains to be a top revenue earner for most online companies, Facebook may also be trying to make significant moves to add another revenue stream to make the company even more profitable in the future.

Another possible reason why Facebook may be pursuing plans for its own mobile phone is that it may want to integrate the social networking site more deeply into devices to reach out or further widen its audience base. With these reasons, it might not be entirely crazy why Facebook may be pursuing the idea of its own mobile phone. They may just be trying to take advantage of a possible opportunity to make more money.

Although Facebook may have denied trying to build its own mobile phone, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are totally abandoning the idea. For one thing, they might be seeking out some other options that might also lead to the same objective, whatever that objective may be. Facebook might be exploring out the mobile phone market for partners who will help put some of their ideas to work.

All these might still be considered as speculations for now. But then, they might just be proof enough that Facebook may be doing something related to mobile phones. They might not be building themselves one, but letting others build one for them. Business among the giants can really become quite confusing and complex.


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