Even Mozilla Has A Phone?

September 24th, 2010 at 9:41 am

Well, not exactly. But the way people are talking about Facebook trying to come up with its own mobile phone (of which the social networking giant denied, categorically), it may not be entirely impossible that other online companies might also be playing with such an idea. But it seems that Mozilla has a more concrete concept of what their mobile phone would actually look like if indeed they plan to make one.

The Mozilla Labs blog recently posted a concept mobile phone design which was part of the blog’s Concept Series project. Called the Mozilla Seabird, the concept design was the idea of product designer Billy May. It was the result of taking in community feedback from the Concept Series project of which involved the sharing of ideas to develop concepts around Mozilla projects and the Open Web as a whole.

From the looks of it, the Mozilla Seabird concept phone might have some very interesting features worth noting. The concept features an Android-based phone with a unique but just as attractive curved design form. It features an 8 megapixel camera, wireless charging and an embedded Bluetooth dongle that acts as an earpiece as well as a phone controller. But what may make it even more interesting is the addition of dual side pico projectors that can display what one sees on screen into a flat wall as well as project a virtual keyboard on a table for data input if required.

Despite being a concept phone, the Mozilla Seabird does present quite a number of interesting features that would just make it popular someday. Some of the technology it requires may still be a few years off from becoming a distinct possibility, but the concept itself may be considered as quite creative aside from being sufficiently representative of what most people might consider as a mobile phone for the Open Web. Unfortunately, Mozilla says that it has no plans of producing a mobile phone. This remark might be quite similar to what Facebook may be saying on news that it may be planning its own mobile phone for the masses. But, in an ideal world, just in case these two mobile phones really do enter the market, votes would surely go the way of the Mozilla Seabird for now. Facebook has not yet presented any concept of a similar kind so far.


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