Google Acquires BlindType

October 4th, 2010 at 9:55 am

Although Google’s Nexus One smart phone may have been discontinued lately, it seems that the dream for such a device will not be entirely scrapped. Google may still be exploring opportunities in the mobile phone industry. They still have the Android to develop further. It may be for this reason that the online search giant has recently acquired mobile typing company BlindType.

The company blog for BlindType has recently announced that it has just been acquired by Google. The main reason for the acquisition may be yet be known, but Google may be in the process of further improving their Android OS for smart phones. Better virtual typing features may be just one of them.

BlindType is a start-up company known to be developing a more improved mobile-device typing. Since most smart phones today are increasingly relying on virtual keyboards featured on touchscreen displays for typing, acquiring BlindType may be a way for Google to further improve this feature on its Android OS for mobile devices. Who knows if Google may also be developing a new smart phone or a similar device that would be using a feature that will come out of this new partnership.


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