iPad Sales Overtake iPhone

October 8th, 2010 at 7:02 am

The Apple iPad can be seen as nothing but a breakaway success. It seems quite surprising that it is even selling well than the new iPhone 4. Doing it on its first year of being launched is nothing short of incredible indeed.

According to estimates posted on CNET from Bernstein Research, the iPad has already reached an average of 4.5 million units sold per quarter. Initially, the Apple iPad has sold 3 million units on its first 80 days in the market. It has since been steadily increasing as it was being introduced and launched in other countries. These figures have topped the debut sales performance of the iPhone as well as that of the DVD player.

Generally, a new product being launched on its initial year do not usually perform as well due to initial device adoption issues. Only after people have positively adjusted to the new device that the sales usually take off. It takes a special kind of device to perform well during initial adoption and the Apple iPad may have achieved that status. It has overtaken the sales performance of both the ever popular iPhone and the DVD player on their first year on the market.

For some bit of perspective, the first iPhone was able to sell a million handsets during the first quarter of its initial year of launch. The DVD player was able to sell 350,000 units during its first year of being introduced in the market. It was considered as the most quickly adopted non-phone electronic device product until the Apple iPad came into the picture this year.

Analysts are further expecting the sales figures for the iPad to increase going into its first year. It has been launched in China recently, which will bring further sales increases with the country being the world’s largest mobile market. In the US, sales is also expected to increase since other retailers such as Best Buy and Target stores have started offering the iPad along with online retailer Amazon. So far, sales estimates for the Apple iPad is pegged at around 8.25 million units. More accurate numbers may be due later as Apple is set to release its earnings report for its fiscal fourth quarter on October 18.


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