Yahoo Mail Beefs Up Features

October 27th, 2010 at 9:55 am

Yahoo has recently been almost considered as a non-mover in the online world. Their competitiveness may have been affected as a result of several botched decisions and struggles to keep the online company in the black. It has been successful doing so for now. But any of that won’t matter if Yahoo do not make themselves become more competitive as well as exciting once again for its millions of online users.

And to make things a bit more exciting this time, Yahoo has decided to beef up its Web e-mail service. It is adding some features that will make its users stay, literally. The company is releasing a Yahoo Mail Beta client that would make it relevant once more after competitors may have stolen some of its thunder for some time now.

According to the Yahoo Mail Blog, the Beta release is a faster and safer Web email client that also offers more social media features. It is said to be 2 times faster than the previous version of Yahoo Mail. It also is said to have better spam filters for a safer venue to send and receive emails.

Not only that, the new Beta version allows its users to connect to people through various known online social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Users may now be able to check out and send messages through Twitter and Facebook through Yahoo and without having to switch sites anymore. Photos and videos from Flickr, Picasa and YouTube can also now be viewed right from the Yahoo Mail Beta version.

Users all over the world may now be able to try out the new Yahoo Mail Beta version for themselves. Nothing comes close to actually testing the product on a more personal basis. Just head on to the Yahoo Mail site to know more and to test out the new Beta version. Not to worry, it is quite easy to switch back to the classic version once you don’t think that the new version is up to your standards.


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