8pen Android App Goes For Faster Texting

November 3rd, 2010 at 11:07 am

With mobile devices getting smaller and smaller, there may be quite lesser real estate left for typing. And with keypads designed for bigger devices, using them to type can become quite a challenge. The same issue may be true for touch screen smart phones using a QWERTY virtual keyboard. The buttons just get smaller and harder to type on.

With the things going as they are, it may now be time for a new means to type messages on smaller mobile phones. The usual keypad or that virtual keyboard may not do as mobile phones acquire a smaller form factor. It seems that a new method of text input may be necessary. There are a lot of newer methods being proposed. One of the relatively new ones comes in a form of an Android app by 8pen.

The 8pen app for Android phones offers an interesting alternative to typing on smaller mobile devices. It comes with a unique twist to enable faster typing while using a smaller phone. At first glance, it may look quite different from what most mobile phone users may be accustomed to. But it does provide a unique yet simple way to conveniently type messages on mobile phones faster.

Developers of the 8pen app says that using movements to type using its unique keyboard feels just like handwriting. Basic movements used are easy and fast to perform with lesser errors caused by mistyping as often experienced in conventional keypads. The application also allows users to create custom gestures as shortcuts for often used messages. A video is available at the 8pen website for a better understanding of its features. Although it may still be too early to say if such a method of typing may catch on eventually among mobile phone users, the 8pen app does provide an alternative for those people who have become frustrated using the conventional methods of texting on their mobile phones.


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