Tablets Taking Over Netbooks?

November 5th, 2010 at 11:07 am

Tablet PC’s have recently gained a surge in popularity, especially after the wildly popular Apple iPad came into the picture. Before that, tablets were nowhere near the demand that other recent devices like netbooks were having. But with the arrival of the iPad tablet, things have changed quite significantly.

In just a matter of months, the market for tablets gradually increased as more and more manufacturers began to come out with their own tablet versions to offer. But it was not until the iPad really took on the market that the manufacturers realize the growing demand for tablets. It is growing at quite a busy pace that many experts are even saying that it might just take over the netbook market in a matter of months.

Although netbooks are relatively new devices in the market, they now may have to deal with a threat, that of sharing their market with tablet PC’s for the meantime. But many analysts expect that tablets may overtake netbooks as early as 2012. It seems that both devices are gearing for position in a very saturated market right now, with tablets slowly getting momentum as more and more consumers seem to prefer them over the netbooks.

If this be the case, can it be safe to say that netbooks may be on their way out as more tablets come in? It may yet be too early to say at least. Netbooks still has a healthy share of the consumer market, mainly due to their low price. Netbooks were even eyed to overtake laptop sales when they came out. But it seems that their stay on top may prove to be short lived, if the analysts’ expectations are right. It may only be some time before netbooks may turn over their market lead over to tablets, that is, if innovation does not go their way and still back the thunder that they may have lost.


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