RockMelt: The New Social Web Browser

November 8th, 2010 at 9:33 am

The World Wide Web has its share on online browsers that users can choose from. But it seems that despite this, there are others who wish to stake a claim on the market alongside the likes of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. One such company is offering a beta version of a new Web browser called RockMelt.

With several Web browsers that users can now choose from, many might think that having another one may be a losing cause, especially for a new company. But RockMelt will try to challenge that notion by coming up with its new Web browser that aims to capitalize on some things that current browsers may have failed to consider despite their popular use.

Most of the Web browsers today seem to take the minimalist approach to their design. But Web usage has evolved over the years that may also require some much needed changes. More and more users have shown increased use of social media online. This may be something that most of the established Web browsers may have noticed but have not considered in terms of integrating into their browser design. This is where RockMelt aims to make a name for itself- becoming a social Web browser.

The company behind RockMelt aims to create a Web browser that enhances a user’s Web experience by integrating social media elements into its browser. Most of online users today is focused mainly on three main online tasks- online content consumption, social sharing and social networking. This new browser is designed to integrate all these into RockMelt in order to enhance usage and bring another unique feature into what a Web browser can do.

RockMelt makes it possible for online users to continue staying in touch and connected with their social network through Facebook and Twitter while doing other online tasks. The social services are directly integrated into the browser itself for added convenience. The browser itself is based on Chromium, which is Google’s open source project that was also behind the Google Chrome browser. The RockMelt browser will require users to sign in using their Facebook account. Once logged in, online users may then be able to access a number of common Facebook features from both the left and the right side of the browser’s window. This feature makes it easy for Web users to update, share content or connect with their social network while using the browser.

RockMelt may have something interesting and new to offer when it comes to browser usage. But it may be quite a challenge to get some attention in an already saturated Web browser market. It may also be quite difficult to make frequent online users to change and switch Web browsers. RockMelt is betting on its new social service feature that may become quite interesting for many current users. But then, the Web can be quite a strange world where not all things work as planned. But since RockMelt is already here and is ready for beta testing, it might be worth a try.


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