Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Handsets Sell 40K

November 11th, 2010 at 10:13 am

Microsoft has recently launched a number of Windows 7 smartphones in a bid to take a share of the rapidly increasing market. Microsoft provided the operating system software for partner smartphone manufacturers and came up with several Windows Phone 7 smartphone versions, with all nine coming from different makers launched simultaneously and with more to come. But did it make that big of an impact that it expected? Well, despite all the hoopla and the buzz surrounding the launch, recent sales figures seem to indicate otherwise.

According to reports from The Street, sales figures show that Microsoft sold around 40,000 units on its debut in the US. It might look good, but it actually is not the level expected that would bring in some considerable impact in the market. The figures may look quite underwhelming despite the active marketing push given by the company for the Windows Phone 7 debut.

If you place the sales figures and compare it among its stronger competitors, sales of 40,000 handsets may be considered lukewarm. Google Android phones are reported to currently sell around 200,000 handsets a day. Who know exactly how many market leading iPhones Apple continues to sell daily. The Windows Phone 7 didn’t even come close to getting those figures.

But despite the seemingly lukewarm reception for their new product, it may be too early for Microsoft to wave the white flag just yet, just like what they did with their Microsoft Kin. It may be quite normal even for popular products to suffer from poor sales during their first day. An example is Google’s Nexus One Android phone. And yet, Android phone have become quite popular and now enjoying healthy sales.

The true test for the Windows Phone 7 will be during the upcoming holidays. Consumers may be in the buying mood and may include a Windows Phone 7 as part of their holiday shopping list. If sales if the new Windows Phone 7 do not pick up until then, it may become quite a devastating blow to Microsoft’s re-entry into the mobile phone market.


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