Mozilla Makes $104 Million In Revenue

November 19th, 2010 at 10:32 am

It seems that many tech companies, at least those belonging to the top tier ones, seem to be enjoying better business. One of them is the non-profit Mozilla. According to its recently published “The State Of Mozilla” report, the organization has made $104 million in terms of revenue for the year 2009.

It seems that everything is going up for Mozilla which saw a 34 percent increase of their revenues as compared to 2008. the recent revenue total has included their reported loss of $104,000 in investments. Even that has shown quite an improvement as 2008 losses from investments totaled $7.8 million.

Most of the revenue generated by Mozilla came from the search functionality that comes with the Firefox browser provided by Google, Yahoo and others. Google’s search deal with Mozilla will stay on until through 2011. This means that Mozilla would still have a solid revenue generator for a couple more years until Google renews the deal anew, just as it has done since 2005.

But what may seem a good partnership also remains to be quite a unique one at that. Google has its own browser, Chrome, that may directly compete with Firefox. The growth that Chrome is currently enjoying may also be affecting the growth of Firefox quite significantly. Will Google continue to support Mozilla and its Firefox browser the way it does, now that it has its own Web browser to focus on? Will having competing products affect their current relationship in any way? Surely it may have minimal effects on Google’s part, but it definitely will affect Mozilla’s future. If the two organizations would think of their relationship as going above over and the business and the politics that come with it, then they have a good partnership ahead of them. But then it may go the other way if business matters takes precedence over everything else.


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