Gmail Now Has Call Recording Feature

November 22nd, 2010 at 9:45 am

Google Gmail may be evolving something more than just your email account. Google has recently provided their email client with a calling feature for users directly from their Gmail accounts. Now, it has also added a call recording feature that may complement voice calling over Gmail.

Although Google has yet to announce the new said feature, many reports on the Web has found out about it and may be sharing the news online. It seems that Google silently has added this feature without much fanfare. Gmail users now have the means to record inbound calls using this feature without using third party software.

It probably may not have been getting any announcements from Google is that because Google Voice already has this call recording feature before. The problem was that not a lot of people know about it or it was not easy to know how to. At least, in the recent call recording feature in the Gmail integration, users are easily able to know that the feature is available since the record button can be seen just above the dial pad.

With all these integration, Gmail may just become a more interesting email client and may give them that distinct advantage over the others. It seems that Yahoo and AOL are feeling the brunt of all this as they recently have been trying to beef up their own email services to lessen the migration of other users to Gmail. While Google has been doing all the right stuff, the others may have been pretty late trying to do something that would make people stay.


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