EU Commission To Investigate Google

December 1st, 2010 at 10:59 am

Recent reports states that the European Commission is opening up a probe against search engine giant Google. The investigation will delve into the possible allegations that the dominant search engine giant may have abused its strong position in online search to work for its own advantage. The said investigation will be conducted amid complaints by some search service providers.

According to the report posted on the Europa site, the complaints tell of Google making preferential placement of vertical search services results in order to promote Google’s own services. The complaints state that the preferential treatment was aimed to shut out other competing services. Despite the alleged violations stated, the Commission did clearly state that the initiation of the investigation does not necessarily imply that it has proof of any of the said infringements.

Although it might look like a clear cut probe, it can become quite complex, depending on which perception one stands by. On the side of the complainants, they may be seeing Google trying to manipulate rankings and page results in order to provide preferential treatment for its own services. This may leave out their competition to being disregarded due to their low rankings. From the side of the complainants, it does look like Google may be having quite an unfair advantage over the vertical search results since they have the authority to manipulate the rankings if there is credible evidence of such actions.

But on the side of Google, the online search giant maintains that their aim is to help users and not websites,according to their new blogpost regarding the issue. The different perceptions on these things may have created the conflict that has recently arisen between the two different parties. Well, it can get even more complicated the deeper one looks into it. It is an issue that looks more complex than it looks, actually.


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