LimeWire Closing Down By 2011

December 6th, 2010 at 11:35 am

After several years of languishing online due to a myriad of problems, peer to peer file sharing service LimeWire may now be calling it quits, ending the saga to what was once thought of as the future of the Open Web. It seems that there are still many companies not ready for a free Web in terms of sharing copyrighted material online. Faced with insurmountable odds of fighting complaints, LimeWire simply decided to call it quits to end the anguish. It will be sometime early next year when the once popular peer to peer file sharing software will no longer exist.

The complaints of course came from the powerful Recording Industry Association of America, the coalition of the largest recording companies in the US. The complaint led to a suit that LimeWire may be committing copyright infringement by allowing users to distribute copyrighted music and videos through its service. And since a judge ruling since then has made it harder for file sharing services like LimeWire to operate without the RIAA taking notice.

In fact, LimeWire has since stopped its file sharing service online as well as stopped offering their file sharing software to online users. They have since established a legal music distribution site composed mainly of independent musicians. But that hasn’t taken off as they first expected. This may have prompted them to close shop instead. Currently, LimeWire is no longer distributing its file sharing software and its store has now ceased taking in new customers. The site in its current state will remain probably until after early next year, from which point it may close out.


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