Android Phones Now Selling 300,000 Units Daily

December 10th, 2010 at 10:25 am

In the mobile market, the battle for supremacy seems to lie between Android smartphones and the Apple iPhone. These two are considered to be the most popular smartphones that people are trying to get their hands into. The battle in terms of getting market share is actively ongoing.

So far, it seems that Apple and its iPhone may still be in the lead with millions and millions of their widely popular smart phone. But right within sight may be the Android smartphones that seem to be experiencing explosive growth in terms of sales as of late. About four months or so ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt reported to the public that Android devices are being sold at the rate of 200,000 units on a daily basis. That’s is quite an improvement considering that they only sold around 65,000 units daily in April.

It seems that the explosive growth continues for Android devices. Just recently, a Tweet

from Google’s Andy Rubin says that the figure has just risen to 300,000 Android phones activated daily. At this rate, it would only be a short amount of time when Android phones will overtake Apple iPhones in terms of usage, in the US at least.

But in the case of Apple, there is no doubt that their people really know how to sell products. It seems that consumers seem to get attracted to all things Apple. It is their devices that seem to capture a market and sell millions of it right after. Apple is a master of selling their products in a very captivating way. It has succeeded for them in the past and is still is their strength. Apple iPhones will still sell and will still dominate markets where they are popular. But the success of the Android in the market is something that it should not take lightly.


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