Complaints Anew On Google Regarding Local Search

December 14th, 2010 at 11:38 am

Being a giant in any industry can also have its disadvantages. For one, it makes such companies easy targets of complaints from other industry players, big or small. This can be quite a problem since such issues can easily put any company in a negative light, probably even affect its general business at a certain level. Such are the problems that even online search giant Google is not immune to.

Aside from the various anti-trust cases that Google have to face, being a giant in their industry, it also has recently been a target of new complaints from those companies engaged in local or specialized online search. The new complaints aired are about how Google may be putting their own specialized search services first on the Google search result pages before other specialized search providers.

Specialized or local search has become quite important since it seems to provide online users with a more direct and meaningful search results according to area where users may be located. This is where websites like, and have taken a stake and has flourished. But such websites engaged in providing specialized search services have complained that Google may be putting their own services first on Google result pages before them. With sites such as Google Place Search. This move seem to put other specialized search sites at a disadvantage, according to how they look at the situation. They see it as something that Google does to promote its own services rather than providing a more natural search result for its users.

But Google sees it the other way. It has reiterated time and again that it provides a service for online users and not specifically to websites. The fact that users require better search results that offers them the right information they are looking for have made them decide to create such a service like Google Place Search. So far, according to them, users have found such services quite useful.

Depending on how one looks into it, the perspective on who is right or wrong can change. Taking Google’s argument, offering its services to online users and not to websites may easily make these recent complaints by other websites somehow unimportant with this point of view. But on the side of websites providing specialized search services or content, it does may put them at an unfair position, considering that it may affect how many online users may be able to find their sites.

This issue continues to be quite a complicated one. Arguments from each side seem valid enough, but it may seem highly doubtful whether resolution to these issues may be available any time now.


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