Bing Search Inching Up On Yahoo

December 17th, 2010 at 9:45 am

It is no secret that online search has long been dominated by search giant Google. With a market share of more than half of all online searches, runners-up Yahoo and Bing may still have a long way to go to catch up with Google. But for both popular search engines, there is quite a competition going on recently.

Bing Search is slowly catching up to whatever market lead Yahoo holds on online search. Recent figures for online search in the US released by comScore for the month of November shows that Bing Search is slowly inching up on Yahoo in terms of market share month on month. Bing Search enjoyed a 0.3 improvement of explicit core search for the month of November. Explicit core searches do not include contextually driven searches that do not show specific user intent to interact with the search results.

Although the improvement for Bing from October to November may be relatively miniscule, the figures showed that it is the only search engine that somehow displayed better numbers than the previous month. Google and Yahoo figures remained flat, at best.

Although it might still be a long shot for Bing to overtake on Yahoo any time soon, the fact that Bing is improving might be something of concern for Yahoo. And with the recent struggles by Yahoo in recent times to stay afloat and survive, the concern might truly become serious. If Yahoo is not able to dramatically improve its fortunes, there might be a possibility of Bing taking over that second spot.

Actually, Yahoo has probably given up on online search several months before. Yahoo Search is now actually being powered by Bing since they have reached an agreement more than a year ago for Yahoo to give Bing the reins to handle search on its sites. Yahoo still handles the selling aspect for premium search advertisers for both search engines. What remains for Yahoo Search is that search on their sites still get counted under its name. Essentially, Bing may already be considered second to Google if searches for Yahoo gets included into Bing’s figures. But it still seems to show that Yahoo still has quite a reach in terms of users, possibly as a result of their brand.


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