Google TV Suffering?

December 20th, 2010 at 11:00 am

The marriage between TV and the Web is what most consider to be the next evolution in entertainment. But for so many years, a lot of tech companies have tried to undertake such a project but to no avail. It seems to be even more difficult to achieve than expected.

But just recently, online search giant Google has tried its hand on trying to succeed in combining both TV and the Web by offering Google TV. It is such an ambitious undertaking, considering the many other failures that has happened from companies trying to mount a similar tech campaign. But a giant that Google is, the company thinks that it may have more chances in succeeding than other company. Recent reports may be showing reasons otherwise.

According to the New York Times, Google recently asked its partner TV makers to put Google TV-enabled TV sets on hold for now. Google requested television manufacturing partners LG Electronics, Toshiba and Sharp to hold off or delay introductions of their new TV sets pending some refinements being made on the Google TV software. Although Google has not announced the said cancellation publicly yet, it has already told its partners who may delay their new TV product introductions on the coming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

The delay request may have somehow surprised the TV makers who were already raring to introduce their take on own version of Google TV sets. The delay may also be considered as a step back for Google in what would have been its grand introduction into the television market. The setback may have quite an effect on the people’s impression about Google TV.

Being a relatively new platform, it may be quite difficult to convince people to embrace Google TV instantly. Things like this take time. Although the thought of watching TV shows or movies being streamed via the Web as well as online surfing may be quite an attractive idea, the technology to mesh TV and the Web together has not yet been perfected just yet. Google may have seen some bugs in its Google TV software that may still need some work and improvements.

Although Sony may have already come out with its own version, CES in Las Vegas would have been a major high for Google TV being introduced into the market by 3 or 4 other major TV makers. The delay may deal a big blow to what might have been Google TV’s coming out party. It might not have the same feel or excitement once Google announced a new launch date.


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