2010: A Mixed Year For Gaming

December 22nd, 2010 at 9:08 am

The year 2010 is about to come to a close and its time to take a look at how the many tech industries fared out during this year. With the effects of the economic slump still being felt, it may be easy to think that not all things tech experienced a banner year. On the side of the video gaming industry, the results were mixed, although the year will end with high hopes ahead for the new year.

In the midst of lingering effects of the financial crisis that hit the US and most countries worldwide, most in the gaming industry then didn’t expect to be quite affected by it. Most of them initially thought that video gaming may be considered by many consumers as an alternative option for less expensive entertainment during the crisis. It became somewhat of an oversight since the economic crisis affected almost every industry.

The gaming industry saw a substantial decline in revenue that has stretched until this year. The gaming industry, in general still may be suffering from shortfalls in revenue. But it seems that it still has something to hope for towards the next year. Although it wasn’t a very good year for the gaming industry as a whole, there are some bright specks of light shining that might extend well into the new year.

One of things worth remembering for the industry is that 2010 will be remembered as a banner year for some of the exciting video game titles ever to come out in a single year. Many gamers were treated in 2010 to a slew of different and exciting new video game releases as well as follow-ups that was truly worth their attention. In fact, this year alone may have broke and set new records for the video game industry.

One video game that made waves this year was the Call of Duty video game franchise. Its first installment for the year was Modern Warfare 2. It sold $550 million units in just 5 days after release. It broke sales records then. But it did not stop there. The next installment, Call of Duty: Black Ops did even better.

Call of Duty: Black Ops broke sales records when it was launched just last month. It sold for an incredible $360 million on launch day, easily overtaking that $310 million revenue record that its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2 made also this year. This led to a five-day tally of $650 million in revenue, also besting Modern Warfare 2’s record of $550 million. It took Black Ops only 6 weeks to reach the $1 billion mark.

The recent sales records made by the Call of duty franchise may provide some hope that the gaming industry does have a better year coming. But it may be quite a tall order trying to surpass the number of other exciting game titles released for this year. With 2010 being the year that games like Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, BioShock 2, Halo: Reach, God of War III and many others. Whether 2011 would be the break out year for gaming is still left for debate. But expecting a better year than the last may not be an entirely impossible hope.


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