Google Planning Digital Newsstand

January 3rd, 2011 at 11:28 am

Tech giant Google may now be trying to enter into the newspaper and magazine business, at least in the digital world. It is planning to establish its own digital newsstand that will allow it to present to consumers popular print media titles via their Android devices which are getting increasingly popular. Its aim may also be to challenge Apple, with its iTunes store already having digital versions of various major newspapers and magazines available for sale for iPad tablets.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is currently trying to woo major publishers by discussing with them the tech giant’s intent to publish digital versions of established magazines and newspapers through Android smart phones and tablets. In order to entice the publishers, Google is willing to take a smaller cut of the revenue compared to what Apple takes as a percentage of digital content sales of their print media properties. This may be something that some media companies may be thinking of, considering that there are certain issues that they may have regarding Apple and how it manages their partnership with the print media outlets- from revenue sharing to ease of access and availability.

With more and more people having digital devices, it might not be long before newspapers and magazines in their digitized forms become even more common. With print media achieving lesser sales even of their popular titles, it may be wise to gradually find some space in the digital world for these to reach out to more consumers. The e-book market has shown that it may provide a better opportunity, if survival of print media companies is to be considered.

Having this in mind, Google may have seen the great future in the digital publishing world as well and may want to have a part of it. It will not only help gain Android devices more traction and appeal due to having digital print media easily accessible on them. If the proposed partnership succeeds, then it will stand to challenge what domination Apple currently has on the market. Having a digital newsstand would also give Google another opportunity to branch out their business and not merely depend on online search.


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