Google Clamping Down On Duplicate Content

January 31st, 2011 at 9:46 am

Although online search giant Google has recently been making noises on their other businesses, it still does put online search as a priority. It still is the company’s main focus and getting better search results is a matter of improving the service to cater to the needs and wants of online users. One issue that Google has worked on is on the case of duplicate content.

According to a new entry on Google’s blog, they have been working on further improving the online search experience for users. Their focus on the recent updates on the Google search engine involved controlling content spam. The company has been working on reducing the amount of spam search results by focusing on copied content.

According to the blog post, Google has been working on a redesigned document level classifier for indexed sites to detect spam content. But it has also been working on trying to shift its attention to so-called “content farms” known for coming up with low quality content. This led to the company instituting certain algorithmic changes onto the search engine that targets low-quality content sites.

Although it may be a relatively new set of changes for the online search engine, there are already some people who are getting concerned about this. Some are concerned whether the algorithmic changes may affect other legitimate content sites in the process. It has not been said whether Google has already tested this new feature change. But it may just affect some sites possibly because of the changes.

According to Google, they instituted the changes because of some increasing feedback from users regarding the issue. It was done not of their own accord, but as a result of feedback from concerned people who wish to see a more improved Google search engine. The changes made may or may not catch on. But it is Google’s way to further improve the features of their popular search engine to get in step with its main competitors for having the best Web search experience.


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