It’s Bing Versus Google Once Again

February 4th, 2011 at 11:07 am

There seems to be a battle brewing between Bing and Google over at online search. And no, it is not just the usual and typical healthy competition being talked about. Recently, there has been a back and forth blame rally between the two online search engines that have gotten quite some media mileage. And it may get uglier if not resolved any time soon.

The current conflict being talked about here started when Google claimed that Bing might be using Google search results and copying it into the Bing search engine. It seems that Bing may be using Google search results and then copying it as its own search engine results. Google believes that this is a form of cheating since their search algorithms are being used to produce online search results on Bing. The story broke out after Google did a bit of experimenting and came out with surprising results.

Google’s team tasked with correcting typo errors in search terms found out that the Bing search engine seem to provide the same search results as Google while typing the search terms wrong.

In order to further investigate on this, Google created a temporary code that would enable the team to rank a page for a certain term manually. In order to make sure that they are able to track this, the Google team made use of highly unique search terms, with some of them just a jumble of letters. These terms were hand coded to come up with a recognizable Web pages in the results. The team tested the terms before and after the hand coding.

Both Google and Bing neither showed the same search results on the terms before the experiment. The team then tried typing the search terms on Bing and using Internet Explorer. About two weeks after the hand coding was introduced, the search result pages began to appear on Bing search results. The Google team believes that Bing might be copying their search results and has started displaying it on the Bing site.

While Google is suggesting of possible cheating, Bing explained that the search results in question was anything but cheating. Bing explained in a blog post that it was a result of clickstream data, one of the thousands of algorithms they say they use to provide quality search results. They even went as far as accusing Google of click fraud. It has been quite an interesting situation this early in the conflict. It would surely lead to other serious things if both search engines don’t find a solution to this recent issue.


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