Microsoft Makes Web Office Available Worldwide By March

February 7th, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Microsoft has recently announced that it is set to expand the availability of its Web Office to 150 countries by March of this year. Microsoft Web Office allows online users to view, edit and share Microsoft Office documents over the Web. People may now use essential office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote without the need to install them as they are now available “on the cloud”.

Microsoft has been slowly making their way into cloud computing as the future sees a time where people would someday be doing most of their tasks over the Web. Web-based applications that work without the need to install them offer the convenience that most people need while on the go. Microsoft is just taking the step into the right direction by making their highly popular Office suite applications available and ready to use online.

For those who are living in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland, this may no longer be news since Microsoft has already made the Web Office apps available in these countries since June of last year. Other countries followed over the course of the succeeding months. By March, the company hopes to make the Web apps available in over 150 countries. That’s basically the whole world. According to Microsoft, over 30 million people are currently Web Office since it was made available. This number would just continue to increase as it becomes available in other countries by next month.


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