Sony PS2 Keeps On Selling, Even After 11 Years

February 9th, 2011 at 12:27 pm

If there is ever a measure to gauge a certain product’s success in the market, its longevity may be one of the main factors being included. A product that continues to sell well even after a decade since first introduced in the market is something that many companies would only want to dream of.

It may be quite a rarity for a product to enjoy such a long selling record in a market where new technology seems to arrive almost every year. Interestingly, the Sony PS2 has continued to enjoy such an extended market run, even 11 years after it was first introduced.

The Sony PlayStation 2, which has recently celebrated its 10th year of existence in the US market, still surprisingly continues to sell. As Sony recently released its financial reports as of the recent 3rd quarter of the fiscal year 2010, sales numbers for the PS2 stand at 5.3 million. With the last quarter still remaining, the company expects the console to eventually achieve 6 million in sales for the 2010 fiscal year.

For some people, this might be sales numbers that are continuously going down. It somehow may also be quite surprising, considering that it is an 11-year old console and that it already had a successor in the PS3. Some people even predicted that 2006 would have been the end for PS2, the year that the PS3 was introduced. But four years later and counting, the PS2 still lives and there are still people that still seem to keep buying this old game console.

Due to its surprisingly long lasting appeal, the Sony PS2 has achieved a rare milestone. It is the first gaming console to ever reach 150 million units sold. The feat was achieved when the PS2 astonishingly achieved 2 million units sold from October to December of 2010. And with it still continuing to sell, the number might continue to increase further. It is not a bad achievement for a product that just won’t stop selling.

There are many probable reasons why the Sony PS2 just won’t die. One of the more obvious ones is that the PS2 has recently gotten an attractive price slash down to only US$99. It suddenly became quite an affordable gaming console to have, opening up markets in developing countries that it previously never had. But that is not the only reason.

Many people who have looked into the longevity of the PS2 believes that its vast line up of gaming titles also contribute to its success. The PS2 currently may have a vast library of interesting gaming titles that many gamers still continue to enjoy. Having them all would take years and years to play.

Considering that there are still games being developed mainly for the Sony PS2 is a testament to its wide popularity among console gamers. The Sony PS2 has truly made its mark and achieved a run that other gaming consoles may find hard to duplicate in the future.


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