Activision Blizzard Ends Guitar Hero Franchise

February 11th, 2011 at 11:38 am

The Guitar Hero franchise has become quite a popular game among both console gamers. In fact, it was Guitar Hero, which popularized a new and unique way of gaming by imitating guitar licks that go with popular tunes using a special guitar controller, that literally opened up and boosted sales of music-based gaming titles. After all the Guitar Hero franchise garnered about US$1.7 billion in terms of sales in 2008, probably the highest selling game title in its category. But unfortunately, its run may be coming to an end.

According to an announcement made by Activision Blizzard, the world’s biggest game developer, the Guitar Hero franchise will no longer be continuing starting this year.  In its recent financial report for the recent fiscal quarter, the game developer said that it will be disbanding the business unit for Guitar Hero and will cease to develop the game for 2011. Reasons the company cited for the disbandment is the continuing declining sales of the music video game franchise in the market for the second consecutive year.

Despite garnering positive reviews from game critics, Guitar Hero and its collection of games has suffered through declining sales. From its billion dollar sales during its heyday, the Guitar Hero franchise has to make do with just around US$300 million in annual sales as of the recent period. Generally, video games based on the music genre have recently shown to be going into hard times in terms of sales. It seems that peripheral based music games may already lost its appeal among current gamers.

The Guitar Hero franchise has made its mark in the video game industry for boosting up interest in a video game genre that was once not considered popular. But with most other video games in the past, this interest can only be sustained for so long. There always comes a time that gamers would grow tired of certain video games and move on to the next that may appeal to them. It seems that for Guitar Hero, its end has finally come.


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