Nokia Partners Up With Microsoft

February 14th, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Nokia may be having trouble maintaining its hold as the market leader in mobile phones, now that Android phones and the Apple iPhone have recently been getting their own shares in the market increasing. ┬áNokia, in a way felt threatened since it hasn’t made any splash lately in the mobile market, with consumer attention slowly going the way of its competitors. In a move to stay relevant in the market, Nokia recently announced its partnership with Microsoft, a move that will someday lead to a possible merger of the two large tech companies.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced during a press conference at its investor meeting. Along with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Elop, who also was a former Microsoft executive, announced that Nokia will be doing away with its Symbian and Meego operating systems and instead make use of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS. The Microsoft OS for mobile phones will become the dominant OS for the next generation of Nokia smartphones.

The partnership can be seen as a bold strategy for Nokia, considering that it was once quite very protective about its Symbian OS. But the markets are changing and it may be just reacting to what it may need to do in order to survive. Instead of going with the popular Android platform that it could’ve also used as an option, Nokia chose to be part of the competition in the smartphone market instead of being absorbed by an increasingly popular mobile OS in Android.

While the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS has not yet established itself since the OS itself has just been recently introduced, it does provide many exciting opportunities for Nokia. With the partnership, both Nokia and Microsoft can strengthen their positions by relying on the each other’s strengths- Nokia’s hardware with Microsoft’s software. It is not yet clear whether this partnership will turn out into a merger. But rest assured that both Google and Apple are closely looking into this new partnership.


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