Apple Severs Ties with Chinese Factory Over Underage Workers

February 16th, 2011 at 7:29 am

Apple announced that it cuts business ties with a China-based manufacturing factory after finding 42 underage workers employed at the facility. This was revealed after the iPhone company released its “Supplier Responsibility” internal review, which also includes reports about its contractors exceeding working hour limits, running machines that lack safety devices, failing to control air emissions, and lacking a company statement on environmental and social responsibility.

In one of its contractors, half of its workforce are under the age of 16–China’s minimum age of employment–and had been conniving with a school to produce fake student IDs. Apple reported the school to appropriate government authorities and have provided educational assistance to underage workers

Apple has chose to maintain operations with nine other factories after agreeing to operate within Apple’s labor policies and prevent employment of minors.

This was in complete contrast last year when Apple tried to cover up reports that its Chinese contractors provide unfavorable working conditions to its employees, including exposure to harmful chemicals, low wages, and employee suicides.

Source: Business Review USA, eWeek


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