Google to Battle iTunes Head On

February 18th, 2011 at 5:13 am

In what seemed to be a “slip of the tongue,” Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha (pictured) revealed at the Mobile World Congress that Google is about to launch a music service that is set to compete with Apple‘s iTunes as part of an upcoming upgrade to its Android Honeycomb mobile OS.

“If you look at Google Mobile services [via Android] today, there’s a video service, there’s a music service–that is, there will be a music service,” Jha said. He also stated that the upgrade of Honeycomb, which is power the upcoming Motorola Xoom tablet, “adds video services and music services.”

The Honeycomb is expected to come out together with the release of Xoom, which will happen within the next two months.

Last year, Google acquired Simplify Media, a startup that allowed users to share digitized music across different platforms, including the Web. Google vice-president Vic Gundotra said at the time that the technology would be used in a desktop application that offers remote access to music and movies to Android devices.

Meanwhile, iTunes music store, which was launched in April 2003, has sold more than 10 billion songs as of February 2010. It also has a dominant hold in online digital music sales with 66% share.

Google has yet to respond to this report.

Source: The Guardian


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