Google Gets Another Antitrust Suit

February 23rd, 2011 at 6:15 am

A French Internet company filed a complaint with the European Commission against Google Inc., claiming the search engine giant abuses its dominant market position. The complainant, 1plusV, creates thematic Internet search engines and claims that Google “uses its dominant position to prevent the development of alternative technologies” while it prioritizes its own searches over those of competitors.

In the complaint, 1plusV alleges that Google forces thematic search engines to adopt Google’s technology if they want to utilize its advertising service. This, according to them, would limit the development of alternative technologies. They also claim that Google ignores requests from certain websites that do not want to be listed among search results, which would give the Google search engine an unfair advantage over other search engines that did respect those requests.

Google is also accused of prioritizing its own vertical searches for books over those of competitors without visually differentiating them from other searches.

A spokesperson for Google stated that the company is working closely with the EC “to explain many different parts of our business.”

This grievance adds to the list of complaints filed in EC against Google. These were made by, a German subsidiary of Microsoft;, a United Kingdom-based price-comparison site; and

Source: Wall Street Journal, photo by Paul Sakuma


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