is Internet’s Most Expensive Domain Name

February 24th, 2011 at 3:41 am

The Guinness World Record now officially declares as the “Most Expensive Internet Address Domain Name.” This comes after Clover Holdings bought the domain name from Escom LLC for US$13 million in November 2010.

Analysts, however, wonder how the company would get the money back. The previous owner bought the domain name in 2006 for $11.5 million and eventually declared bankruptcy in early 2010. The site was then placed at, a domain name auction site, last May in an effort to find potential bidders.

So far, the new owners of have not done anything with site, which remains as a domain parking page that links to other links from personal ads, live sex cams, escort services, and other sex-related entities.

It is interesting to note that the story of is filled with lawsuits, fraud, prison sentences, forgeries, big money gained, and even bigger money lost. The domain name was originally owned by Gary Kremen, founder of, who got involved in numerous multi-million-dollar lawsuits trying to get it back after losing it.

Even animal rights group PETA got into the action, suggesting for Escom to donate the site to the organization to use for its “sexy veggies” campaign.

Source: MSNBC


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